Finding the perfect accommodation in Port Antonio (hotels &resorts)

As you probably figured it out: I really love traveling. Thus, I was often found in the position of asking myself and my colleagues at the same time, the following question: what is more important to you during a holiday? Staying in a relaxing, an absolutely beautiful place with all the conditions you could ask for or discovering alternative ways of accommodation. After so many traveling experiences I still do not have a definite answer but I bet I know how important finding the perfect accommodation in Port Antonio is for every tourist who is visiting this lovely place. Therefore, I thought it might be a good idea to make some quality suggestions. Who knows, maybe you might need them.

Best hotels in town

It is really hard to find the best hotel in town especially since you have never even visited the place before. I hope that I will manage to bring some light into this subject based on my personal experiences. Jamaica Palace Hotel is truly an amazing place, making your holiday really fascinating. The hotel is located 5 miles east of downtown Port Antonio in a charming tropical spot. Persian rugs, crystal chandeliers, black and white marble and wooden furnisher, these are only a few of the most appreciated decoration elements in the hotel. My favorite place is the pool, shaped in the form of Jamaica, this spot is perfect for relaxing and enjoying a fruit cocktail. Check out also Hotel Mocking Bird Hill and Geejam.

Everybody loves resorts

It is true- everybody loves resorts but Great Huts it is a very special place. Their unique concept of treating clients and offering them more than a simple bed&breakfast, including a large variety of entertainment activities (African music and drumming) and most of all, the possibility of living like a Jamaican attracted many tourists over the years.  Built up of African style huts and tree houses, surrounded by the amazing jungle landscape, this is without any doubt an authentic place.  Close to San San Beach, we discover another first-class resort, Goblin Hill Villas at San San. Excellent location, irreproachable services and a more than welcoming atmosphere wait for you in the east side of Port Antonio. Each villa has its own cook and excellent facilities, making your stay even more enjoyable in this corner of paradise.

These are only a few of my personal suggestions, for more details on finding the perfect accommodation in Port Antonio you should access and check out the fares, dates and locations you prefer the most.

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