Festivals and Events in Ocho Rios

 Even if Ocho Rios does not have as many festivals and events as other Jamaican major cities still it has something to say with regards to this subject. The Festivals and Events in Ocho Rios are not abundant, but have a nice flavor and some are quite unique in the country.

Jazz Festival

The jazz music was born at the beginning of 20th century as a confluence of the European and American music in the South of United States among the African-American communities.

In Jamaica, June is known as the Jazz Month. Across the whole island you will hear during this period of the year Jazz rhythms.

 And of course that Ocho Rios cannot be otherwise. So, one of the most wanted music festivals held in Ochi is the Jamaica International Jazz Festival.  The aim of this festival was from the beginning to promote and showcase international and local Jazz artists and to preserve the “Classical Black Music andAmerica’s First Art Form”. Famous artists perform each year: MYNTA, N’FALY KOUYATE, KIRALINA, TBA, are just few names from a very long list.

International Reggae Day

 A great festival which is paying a tribute to Bob Marley is the International Reggae Day celebrated in July in each spot of Jamaica. It is that kind of festival when everybody wants to be in the middle of the party to feel the reggae rhythms running through their body. During this day you will eat, drink, and dream only reggae, I can bet on this! Wanna bet?

CaribbeanMusic Expo (CEM)

Live music can be heard also during the Caribbean Music Expo held at the end of September and beginning of  October. For the duration of this event the rhythms of the music will confluence with that of that sea waves and you will be part of a fantastic show.

CEM was launched in 1999 and it is an international four-day music trade show. During those four days you can be part of live concerts, exhibitions, business seminars, awards, or you can discover new talents.


These are just few of the Festivals and Events in Ocho Rios. Each month has its own event and you can take part of a festival in whatever period you are travelling. If you are interested in festivals you can ask your travel agent when is the best period to come to Ocho Rios, so that you can attend as many events as possible.


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