Festivals and Events in Negril

You have planned your vacation in Negril and maybe you are lucky to be part of one of any Festivals and Events in Negril. You will feel amazing in the middle of Jamaican artists and local people singing, drinking, tasting interesting food.

Even if Negril does not have a very long history behind its development, its boom showed in the past three decades demonstrated that its influence on the Caribbean map of tourism is huge.  Due to all these, we are proud to host in Negril some appealing festivals and events each year.

Music Events

The most expected festival in Jamaica, across all island cities, is the festival which celebrates Bob Marley’s birthday on 6th of February. This is a great pretext for partying, dancing on reggae rhythms, but more precisely on Marley’s songs. Fans across the world are coming to Jamaica for this great moment. The atmosphere is contagious. Even if you are not a big fan of reggae music you would not to be able restraint yourself to join to the big crowd dancing and singing. The best place to be part of this festival is probably the village, Nine Mile, where Bob Marley was born.

The Summer Series is hosted by Negril Escape each summer and brings together local artists. The show starts early in the morning, around 8 am and ends up over midnight.  Ask around when this festival will take place cause each year the time frame is different.

Other Interesting Events

On February another important event is held on Negril. To be more precisely, I am talking about the Flat Tyre Festival. This event gathers the mountain bikers and keeps them ready for a top bike race during the day, while the night brings into the scenario music, drinks, nice girls, in only one word: PARTY. If you are not a biker for sure you can join only the party or you can be only a spectator at the race. This race offers a high level of excitement and adrenaline on one side to the racers, on the other sides to those who are watching the race.

Are you familiar with the American college Spring Break? Well, we have something familiar in Jamaica, actually only in Negril: Jamaica Breakfast. This event is a six-week festivity.

Festivals and Events in Negril is another way to kill your time and have some real Jamaican fun. By being part of one of these celebrations you can meet nice people and make some friends for a life time or you can just have some fun by listening good music, drinking some traditional cocktails, and chatting with the locals.  

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