Festivals and Events in Kingston

As Jamaicans love to dance and listen to good music or attend parties most of their time, you will have plenty of Festivals and Events in Kingston to choose from. No matter if you are a reggae fan or you like more the cultural celebrations Kingston will offer you whatever you are looking for.

Before booking your flight, you may want to check the events taking place during you stay so as to plan your vacation around those festivals.


International Reggae Day

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The most wanted and famous event in Jamaica is the International Reggae Day, a breathtaking experience for Reggae admirers. This festival takes place every year on the first days of July. The international Reggae Day wants to be a reggae marathon with dozens of artists across Caribbean and not only, but also a tribute to greater Jamaican musicians such as Bob Marley.

The Heineken Startime takes places in Kingston every winter and it is a tribute to ‘50s and ‘80s Jamaican traditional music from ska to rock steady, from hip hop to reggae. At this not-to-be-missed affair you will hear Roy Rayon, Pluto Ernie Smith, The Abyssinians, Bob Marley, and many others great creations.

Another fascinating festival is the Rebel Salute held on 15th of January every year. The date was chosen to honor the memory of Tony Rebel, a famous reggae deejay during the ‘90s. 1994 was the first year when this music event was held. This music festival spotlights the Jamaican folk tradition more than other similar events. Be aware that drugs, alcohol, meat are not allowed on the event’s perimeter.

Other Interesting Events

Heritage Fest is a festival held each fall and brings together the mixed traditions between different inhabitants ‘cultures. You will get the possibility to try a mix of dishes from Indian curry to Choko Salad, but you will also taste fabulous drinks and listen to music from all over the world.

The Carnival, one of the most popular Jamaican festivals, takes place across the entire island on the week before Easter. You will see parades with people dressed in interesting costumes, you will have lots of fun at the biggest party on the island and you will listen to some wonderful Jamaican music.

The Jamaican Coffee Festival celebrates the coffee traditions in Jamaica every fall in Kingston. Here you will meet farmers who are dedicating their lives to coffee cultures. They will provide you with free samples of different coffees. If you are not yet a coffee addicted for sure this festival will turn you into one.

The list of Festivals and Events in Kingston is not done here. Many other cooking, art, film, music and other festivals are held in Jamaica’s capital every year. You can ask at your hotel or guest house if during your stay there are any interesting events so to be sure you are not missing anything.


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