Family Vacation in Jamaica

Have you decided that the best vacation for you and your family is to explore the great Caribbean island of Jamaica? A Family Vacation in Jamaica will offer incredible experiences to everybody. You can create an amazing cocktail of different activities and excitements in such a way so that everyone enjoys it at maximum. Believe it or not, Jamaica offers astonishing memories to grownups and kids.
Swimming in the Caribbean Sea along with beautiful fishes, hiking, climbing the great Blue Mountains and enjoying the scenery, riding a black beauty horse, or exploring the Jamaican wildlife are only few of the plenty activities that you can enjoy here.

Swimming Time

Fortunately Jamaica possesses an abundance of beaches to choose from.
One of the most interesting beaches by name, but not only is the Bloody Bay in Negril. How has this beach got its fascinating name? Any hints? Well, even the locals do not know exactly. There are different legends flowing around. One of those states that the pirates and their bloody battles carry the fault of the beach name, while others claim that the massacre of the whales changed the blue-green color of the Caribbean Sea in red. However, nowadays the white sand of the beach and the great moments that you can experience here are making yourself not to question yourself anymore about these legends.
All the big cities have nice beaches around. Some are private owned by resorts while others are public and free of any entrance fees. Make sure you ask someone from your hotel or guest houses which is the  most suitable one to your tastes. The staff is eager to help you. Of course the tip is welcome, but not a must.
In case your kids are keen to explore the maritime fauna and fishes, the best option is the undersea tour.  In Montego Bay undersea tours are organized in a “Coral See” vessel where the passengers can admire the colorful maritime life from panoramic windows. The tours are held 7 days a week from 8:30 am till 5:30 pm. Another option for discovering the undersea life is scuba diving, which is also available on almost all beaches.

Hiking, Climbing, Riding Time

Are you in love with mountains and hills, but also eager to release your playful spirit? If so, hiking, climbing, but also camping are some of the best options for you and your family.
The Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours are giving you the possibility to ride and enjoy the leisure downhill trough tropical forests while reaching a magnificent waterfall and gain splendorous memories for a lifetime. These tours are available in Ocho Rios from Monday till Sunday and the opening hours are from 7 am until 5 pm except Saturday when the last tour starts at 4 pm.
A Family Vacation in Jamaica can be designed in many ways and can meet everyone’s dreams. My dears do not ever forget to dream!

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