Exploring the Jamaican Underwater Life

Jamaicais well known across all tourists as a destination just perfect to get familiar with maritime and sea life. Exploring the Jamaican Underwater Life is definitely one of the most interesting experiences that you have to try out in this life.

The perception of this adventure is diverse in different stages of life.  You will have a feeling of surprise and wonder if you are exploring the underwater life in the childhood period and a more complex one if you are already adult. As a suggestion, live this experience as often you can because the memories are the most wonderful present you can make to yourself.

Treasures of Jamaica

The best ways to explore the underwater treasures of Jamaicaare the snorkeling, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, but the list can go on.

Reefs, gleaming parrotfish, rock lobster, eagle rays, blue tang and marlin, sharks, sea horses, dolphins, and many colorful fishes are there for presenting a live show never seen before. Other examples are available, of course: bermuda chubb, a friendly schooling fish, might be seen near Mobay at the Chubb Reef; four-eyed butterfly fish, an easy target to spot is a small fish with yellow, gray, white and black, can be seen all over the places.

Everything seems to be so wonderful, but a waning massage should be kept on mind. Whatever you are doing, either diving, either snorkeling be very careful with the fire corals. These corals are edged in white and if you touch them they will defend themselves and burn you.


What exactly is snorkeling besides an activity for exploring the marine and sea life? Actually it is nothing complicated and not requires a complicate equipment or training like for scuba diving. It is a swimming practice having just a diving mask, a snorkel and some swimfins.

Snorkeling is available across all island’s beaches. But an old story says that the Northern side is the best place for admiring the underwater beauties. And of course that the same story says that the perfect moment for snorkeling is from April to October when the water is not cold and the underwater life is busy and crowded.


Diving is a more complex activity than snorkeling. If you do not have experience at all in diving you should consider taking some classes before actually trying out this adventure. But trust me; it is really an extraordinary experience which worth any sacrifice. The colorful moments that you will picture in your memory will make all the time invested in trying to get to see all these nice and unbelievable sceneries.

If you are sure that the diving is on your o do list in Jamaica, in this case you have to booked in advance your spot as in most popular areas such as Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Negril tend to be very crowded and without any free places for diving especially in the high season.

Exploring the Jamaican Underwater Life is one of the memorable adventures that define our way of living, our island, our culture, and it will offer you a colorful experience that you should not missed.


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