Ecoturism: Holywell Park

In the recent years, more and more tourists are eager to discover the most precious and true values of one’s country: it’s surrounding, it’s natural and wild lanscape untouched by man. Unfortunately there aren’t that many places in the world where one can still practice ecotourism. Thus, Ecoturism: Holywell Park will try to bring forward a unique place in the heart of Jamaica, one exclusively designed for tourists that come with an opened heart, willing to expect the unexpected and learn as much as they can about the vegetations, birds and animals that populate the area.

Welcome to Holywell Park!

You can easily reach Hollywell Parks, as it is located at only one hour and a half from Kingstone, in the heart of Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park, the only natural park in Jamaica and the pride of the Jamaican people. Approximately one kilometer above sea level, the recreational area of Hollywell Park is spread over 300 acres and is frequently visited by tourists who want to discover the real Jamaica. Those who want to stay overnight in Hollywell Park will be pleased to find out that they have the possibility of sleeping in one of the wooden huts available at really low rates.

What can you do in Hollywell Park?

If you have come to Hollywell Park for the first time, I will assure you, it will be a memorable moment. You will experience how it feels to really be free, to become one with the nature and experience for yourself all that Mother Nature has in store for you. This spot is frequently visited by bird watchers, hikers and adventure hunters. You can choose from five hiking trails (waterfalls, nature exploring, etc) each with its characteristic and charm. Nowhere else in Jamaicawill you observe rare bird species like Jamaican crows, Amazona parrots, Jamaican Oriole or such a large variety of unique trees and vegetation in the world. Children will also have fun and learn a lot about the Jamaican protected vegetation and animals in the Kid’s Discovery Zone.  If you were to stay only for one day in Jamaica and did not know what to chose so that you could explore as much of Jamaica and have fun at the same time, then, I would strongly recommend the wild paradise of Holywell Park.


I hope Ecoturism: Holywell Park managed to stir the interest of all of you, eco-friendly tourists for the beautiful Jamaican lanscapes. If you want to find out more details about the natural parkof Jamaica, then check out

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