Dunn’s River Falls


Here you are in Jamaicaand want to find out which are the most interesting attractions offered by our wonderful island. Well, another interesting, and in the same time outstanding beauty is the Dunn’s River Falls. This treasure offers to its visitors a climbing experience of 600 feet (approx. 182 m). Locals and tourist come here each year to see this amazing natural splendor.

Falls’ Introduction

Located near Ocho Rios, Dunn’sRiversFallsis known as being one of the most visited natural attractions in Jamaica, but it is also one ofJamaica’s national treasures. And to be honest, I am not surprised. You will also agree with me, I am sure, after your first visit here.

The history of Dunn’s River Falls is a very fascinating one. In 1657 the falls was the host of a battle between the English and the Spanish Force fromCuba. The aim of the battle was to decide which one will be the owner of the island. In the end the English part won this battle.

Maybe you have noticed so far that the falls appears on all the touristic Jamaican flyers and advertisements, a fact that makes the Dunn’sRiverFallsto be very popular among the tourists. Just another amazing tip is that the falls flows directly into theCaribbean Sea, which makes it famous for being one of the few rivers in the world having this natural characteristic.

Do you remember the James Bond movie “Dr. No”? Just to give you a another reason for visiting this gorgeous falls I can tell you that in this movie the Dunn’s River Falls was one of the “protagonists”.

Things to Do


At Dunn’s River Falls you can climb the cascade and fell the water touching your body. Just to remember that the falls is slippery and you should be very careful. This is another reason to ask for a guide who can be there for you, helping you with instructions and advices.

At the point where the falls meets theCaribbean Seathere is a beach with turquoise water where you can swim and enjoy the sun. You can also go shopping on top of the falls. Here you will find craft shops, T-shirts, mugs, Blue Mountain Coffee, rum and many other nice things. You can have dinner or lunch or maybe just a snack.

The entrance fee is about USD 15 for adults, while for children the price is USD 12.

The falls is known to be unique in the Caribbeanarea as it revitalizes itself from pieces of travertine rocks. Juts imagine yourself near this falls feeling the splash of its own rain on your body. The sensation is magnificent and you will want to feel it all the time. All your nice memories will fly to Dunn’s River Falls. Enjoy it at maximum!

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