Dolphin Cove

Dolphins, joy, happiness, games, natural sea environment can all be seen and met in Jamaica at Dolphin Cove, the world’s largest dolphin lagoon.

Here you will have the opportunity to swim with dolphins, to feed them, to talk to them, to play different games, and what is most important is that you will feel the love of these gorgeous dolphins. Do you remember Flipper casting on TV show with the same name? Now you can check if the movie gives to its public and fans a right image about dolphins, the smarter mammals on Earth.

Lagoon’s Introduction

The Dolphin Cove is located in Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Jamaica, closer to Dunn’s River Falls. The lagoon’s property is about 20 acre. It also holds a nice natural cove surrounded by a lush tropical rain forest.

The owners and all staff assure Dolphin Cove’s visitors that they will have an experience of a lifetime. The fact that this lagoon is Jamaica’s top marine attraction is a proof of an amazing adventure that you will be feeling here.

TheDolphin Cove offers to their visitors the opportunity to live the experience of being a dolphin trainer for one day through the program “Sea Keeper for a Day – Fulfill Your Dream”. You will get the chance to see and assist in dolphin’s food preparation, to find out basic rules for interacting with dolphins, sharks and stingrays.

Except for the Sea Keeper program you can choose from a list of many other experiences such as: The “Touch Encounter ” with Dolphins, The “Encounter Swim” with Dolphins, The “Swim With” Program with Dolphins, The “Swim, Hold and Feed the Sharks ” Program.

You have decided to come and visit this lagoon with some straight thoughts of touching and feeling these lovely dolphins near you. The “Touch Encounter” with Dolphins will offer you a big kiss from the dolphins, touch them and fulfill yourself with joy and nice feelings.

You can swim with one dolphin, kiss him, and dance with him by opting for The “Encounter Swim” with Dolphins, while with The Swim With” Program with Dolphins will have two dolphins only for you.

What to Know

So, you have decided what you want to try at Dolphin Cove. Well, you need to learn some tips in order to have a nice experience until the end.

Firstly, you should book online your tickets in advanced just to make sure that you will be get the chance to be there. Remember that this lagoon is the most wanted marine attraction in Jamaica and the largest lagoon in the world.

You should bring some towels with you, some extra money to buy snacks, souvenirs, pictures, videos, and many other nice objects. The cameras are allowed inside but not in the dolphin area or while you are participating in a program. Your experience will be captured with their cameras and videos and you can purchase all these from there.

And now the “Not to Bring Tips”: jewelries, such as rings, bracelets are not allowed because they can hurt the dolphins or the sharks.

This is Dolphin Cove, a wonderful place where you can feel the dolphins’ love, their intelligence, and their playful soul. Just make sure that you will pay a visit here.

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