Discovering St Elisabeth

If you have decided on planning a trip to the exotic Jamaica then you definitely must take some time for discovering St Elisabeth. St Elisabeth represents the ideal place for a relaxing holiday due to its secluded beaches, offering at the same time huge opportunities for having fun and being adventurous. Before we exploit the area to the fullest, I invite you to a historical trip to the cultural roots of this wonderful place.

A little bit of history

Located in the southwest of Jamaica, St Elisabeth is one of the largest parishes of the island, being populated by more than 160,000 people. The name comes from the wife of the first governor of Jamaica, Sir Thomas Modyford that represented the highest authority in the area in the 17th century. The major economical activities take place in Black River seaport which is also the capital of St Elisabeth.


The best way to get to St Elisabeth is via Montego Bay. Here is the closest international airport. Also, you can easily find buses leaving from Mandeville and Treasure Beach to St Elisabeth. I advise you to get informed on the time schedule of the buses before you plan your day trips. Some hotels include in their services the possibility of picking you up from the airport or taking you to different attraction points in the country. This would probably be the best option for you especially if you are not familiar with the area.

A short tour

Regardless of your preferences in entertainment you will for sure not get bored in St Elisabeth. You can choose between taking a stroll along the quiet and secluded beaches and exploring the wild nature around Black River. Get yourself prepared for an adventurous day as you will encounter at least one of the 300 crocodiles that populate the area. You can also visit the 120 feet YS falls where you will be amazed by the seven-tiered waterfall and by the dense and overgrown vegetation that surrounds it. You cannot visit Jamaica without tasting a bit of the famous Jamaican rum. You will have the chance to observe the way the traditional Jamaican rum is made and learn more about the history of this famous liqueur by engaging on the Appleton Estate Rum Tour. As a surprise, the tourists will receive a bottle of rum which they can take back to their homes as a souvenir.

Discovering St Elisabeth represents an extraordinary adventure, one that for sure will be remembered for the rest of your life. If this post managed to stir your interest, then I suggest you book your ticket plane as soon as possible and get prepared for a great holiday to Jamaica.


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