Discovering Mandeville

Another extraordinary part of Jamaica is the South Coast which hosts the county Middlesex. As you already know, Jamaica is divided in three counties and 14 parishes.

Mandeville, a city in the Middlesex County, is famous for its cooler weather being situated on more than 2.000 feet above the sea. This location is perfect as a start point in exploring the Jamaican South Coast and also for Discovering Mandeville.

A Brief History

Mandeville is the capital of the parish Manchester located in Middlesex. Mandeville is unique in Jamaica as being the only parish capital situated on a plateau and not on a main river or on the coast.

1816 is the year when the town was named after Viscount Mandeville, one of the sons of Duke of Manchester, the governor of Jamaica during that period. From this city many major business have started to spread across the entire country, such as: the Mandeville Hotel which founded in 1875, the Manchester Golf Club started in 1868 was the first golf club in the Caribbean region, and many other examples are available in the history.

A great opportunity in the development of Mandeville was the opening of the joint venture between Alcan Bauxite Company and the Jamaican government in 1957. This step was followed by an increase in the wages and life style. Once the population saw this awesome opportunity for their family, Mandeville was transformed into a magnet for the Jamaican residents who were living outside the country. They were hoping to get a better life among their brothers and sisters.

Taking a Short Tour

Mandeville has many buildings and houses which kept their elegant architecture from the nineteenth century. The town is shaped as a square bringing together for the eyes pleasure the parish church with a clock tower, winding streets, nice houses, grass, and an English allure. Mandeville is also the home of the Northern Caribbean University, the oldest private institution in Jamaica.

Immense houses and hotels have been built during the years without following a certain architecture plan. These ad-hoc constructions create a chaotic image of the town suburbs.

Discovering Mandeville is all about talking a walk and gets lost on the streets. With each street corner you will discover another old building with fabulous architecture, a small and cozy front garden, friendly people ready to tell you the town history. You will fall in love with this wonderful place.


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