Did You Know? – Part II

How was discovered Jamaica in 1891 as a touristic destination, what is Ys or Shark Papers, and even how you can get high on water can be discovered reading this new post on Did You Know –Part II.


by Stephen Eastop

In 1891 around 300 thousands tourists visited an International Exhibition inKingstonheld at Quebec Lodge. They spent 3 months inJamaicavisiting the rest of the island and being accommodated on new hotels in the capital and houses on the rural areas built by the Jamaican institutions. This project established the beginnings of the Jamaican tourist industry.  During this period a group of Syrians took the decision to spend the rest of their life inJamaica.

Shark Papers


If you are visiting theInstituteofJamaicayou will the Shark Papers. I am sure you are wondering: what are these papers all about. The tale says that in 1799 during the war betweenBritainandFrancethe ship named The Nancy was taken toPort Royalunder the accusation of unlawful trading by the British. The vessel captain was declaring that the ship was American. And guess what? Another British ship arrived in the same port and provided documents found inside of a shark showing that The Nancy was British, not American.

 Ys – Is It a Yes?

Near to Middle Quarters in St. Elizabeth there is a river and estate named YS. But the origin of the name is still uncertain. Some are claiming that the original name was Wyess with routs on a Gaelic word meaning wind, either are saying the YS was the estate mark and this mark was stamped on hogsheads of sugar. What exactly is the truth here? Well, I guess that everybody chose the version that they like the most.

High on Water

Usual when people want to get some fun are smoking strong cigars, either drink alcohol. These are just the gentle and legal ways to get high. But here in Jamaica you can experience something different. It is said that around the 18th century young men discovered at Bathe, St. Thomas an interesting method of getting high on the mineral springs. Whenever they were taking the first drink from this medicinal water, an exciting blaze was spread over the body. This state of mind was continuous for a while and had the power to liven up the guts.

And the Did You Know – Part II can still go on with a third part. But I have decided to leave you to find out more interesting facts from Elder Jamaicans. And remember, that a country is not only what you can read in a touristic guide. You have to look around the guide’s indication and to discover by yourself the path to a nice and interesting experience.

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