Child friend family vacation in Jamaica

Jamaica trip, ©04deveni/Flickr

Most of the people who think about a vacation on Jamaica have some pictures in their mind the example: resting on the beach lying on the sunshine, enjoying the fresh and salt air. It is much different when you travel with kids. The truth of the matter, you can also enjoy your vacation with your children you just need to find a Child Friend area. On appropriate area where your kids are in safe and they have a variety of activities they need, in this way the parents also can rest and enjoy their family time. The Caribbean island offers you many activities that are fitting for families with one or more kids. Keep your children engaged and entertain them with following fun family activities in Jamaica.

Activities on the Beach

For sure, the beach is where your family can have a relaxing time, playing in the warm sand, collecting shells, swimming in the cool ocean and snorkeling. After you got tired of some amazing activities there are more beach-based adventures you can enjoy.

Take care not to lose the adventure that the island’s aquatic wildlife can offer. It could be unforgettable the swimming with the dolphins, giving some food to a shark, these are experiences that you and your kids will keep in their mind for this lifetime.

Boat trip at Jamaica, ©runkalicious/Flickr

It’s worth to try the sand and surf on horseback. Many horseback riding companies work in the resort areas of the beaches, most can offer beach rides that take you into the water. Can you imagine the experience riding with your whole family through the jungle and down to the beach? You can have this and some other amazing experiences just come and have a vacation in Jamaica!

Enjoy the Nature

There are many benefits if you choose to have your family vacation at the Caribbean. Example it’s giving your family members the opportunity to see the rain forest. Jamaica has a wonderful flora and fauna and an amount of rare bird, the most of the family activities in the center of Jamaica is exploring nature.

It’s worth to try for families the canopy zip line tour traveling most of all with older children. There are tour groups where the children have to be at least 10 years old, but I’m sure those families that suit the requirements will absolutely get pleasure from riding a zip line. Some tours combine a zip line experience with a jungle trek, including adventures such as crossing a swinging bridge and sampling the fresh fruit of Jamaica.

Jamaica trip, ©04deveni/Flickr

Where the kids are too young for a zip line tour and soaring from trees to trees it seems too adventurous, maybe a tour by jeep might work much better. You easily can travel off the normal road to see the island and all of the natural beauty of it away from the touristic world.

Experience the Culture

The Tourist Board from Jamaica offers a great and unique chance to meet the native people face to face, left behind the beaches and resorts. This program Meet-the-People permit visitors to team up with Jamaican people, actually hosts who have common interests.

Vacation at Jamaica, ©runkalicious/Flickr

The Jamaican react, talk and behave as a host and tour guide, they show to the guests the island also the culture from another perspective the way insider’s see it. The program to Meet-the-People it’ not for money you don’t have to pay for it. If your family is interested, you can just sign up for this program.


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