Cheap Flights from Detroit to Montego Bay

Cheap flights from Detroit to Montego Bay

The usual price of a flight from Detroit to Montego Bay is $812. It’s useful to know that one can await to receive about 5.5 thousand award miles for a flight on this route. A flight from Detroit to Montego Bay costs around $831 in low season while it rises at the time of peak season. You might want to know that the cheapest rate ever found for the same route is $340, it was a Spirit Airlines flight discovered by our users on However the cheapest airfare discovered in the last twelve months is also good, just $383 r/t for a AirTran Airways flight found for September 2012 on Expedia.

The best time to travel from Detroit to Montego Bay

The most popular period is mid-December to mid-April in Montego Bay thus flights are likely to get truly pricey than. Provided that you would ever be searching for more affordable fares, we suggest you travel in June to August, for low season, as than prices can be more advantageous. We think that overall the best period to travel to the city from Detroit is between seasons, in mid-April to May and September to mid-December.

Helpful information about cheap flights from Detroit to Montego Bay

  • The one single airport serving the city, Sangster International, is some 5 miles away from the central part of the city.
  • The city of Montego Bay has only 1 airport, namely Sangster International Airport.
  • Detroit is in connection with 131 different airports altogether.
  • The longest flight coming into Sangster International is 5,093 miles long and it takes off in Frankfurt, Frankfurt.
  • The minimum flight distance between Detroit and Montego Bay is 1,669 miles long, it is an only 1 hour and 9 minutes trip.