Black River – The Town

Close to the Black River we will find the beauties of the Black River – The Town.  This gorgeous place is the capital of St Elizabeth parish and it has the reputation of being one of the oldest towns of Jamaica. We, the Jamaicans are very proud of Black River Town. After a short walk in this charming and old fashioned city you will be able to understand exactly why we have all these feelings.

The Caribbean Seagives to this place a special taste, a special look and of course that in the same time the romance and love are running on the streets, fields and flying in the air.

Black River’s Introduction

Designed by three wealthy English brothers, the Black Riverwas an important seaport for slave trade in the 18th and 19th centuries. The wood trade, export of rum, pimento, cattle skin, coffee, and slaves were representing the ties of town’s development and prosperity.

The importance of the town grew faster in size and also in importance. The wealth and higher profits were as well very strong points in declaring in 1773Black Riverthe capital of St Elizabeth parish by replacing Lacovia, a smaller city.

In 1990’sBlack RiverTownwas considered the second city on the island, afterKingston, the capital ofJamaicafrom the economic, commercial, and progress point of views. The fast growing of this olden town started to attract tourists and business men. The need of warehouses and guesthouses was huge.

Black River’s Charm

The different architectural styles of buildings represent one of the best attractions in town. Georgian, British Colonial, Jamaican Vernacular or the Jamaican Georgian houses, hotels, restaurants, warehouses will touch your soul and fulfill it with joy and love. Your view will be captivated by all these historical and magnificent sites. I can bet on this.

The wood had huge influences in buildings design mainly in the western and northern sides ofBlack River. Here you will see large verandas, sash windows, fretwork, or jalousies.

The Black River Anglican Church, the Black River Court House, the Waterloo House, the Magdala House, the Invercauld Great House are just few suggestions of nice places for tourists.

The Black River – The Town adventure will be a cosy and relaxing one with many walks and promenades around the old streets or closer to the river. I am sure you will fell the abundance of peace which surrounds the area. If I would describe this place in three words, I would say the Black River is all about peace, serenity, and fashionable, but fashionable from an architectural point of view.

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