Black River – The River

by Nadia Arai

One of the most wonderful regions in Jamaicais the St. Elizabeth parish. This parish hosts the Black Rivertown and the Black River – The River.

Black River’s Introduction

First thing to know about the Black Riveris the fact that it is the longest river of Jamaica measuring 53.4 kms (33 miles) with a navigable distance of 40 kms (25 miles). The name of the river came from the darkness of the thick layer of decomposing vegetation.

by Felipe Daniel Reis

The dense vegetation around the river creates a spectacular view and at Maggotty alongside the road you can explore its banks, you can admire its small waterfalls, or you can explore the Black River Gorge. By exploring its banks during it runs you will meet interesting vegetation and animals. At the north of the Upper Morass, sugar cane is cultivated. This part of theBlack Riverwas heavily polluted in the past years by the fertilizers and pesticides.

The Elim area is well known across the whole island as a cultivator region of the ‘Jesus fish’. This African perch helps combating the overfishing, which seems to be more and more explored by people. But why it is named Jesus fish? The locals believe that due to this dense vegetation the fishes multiplied as in Bible.

After you have passed through Lacovia you will see that the river courses into the Lower Morass the largest freshwater wetland ecosystem.  Here the diversity of animals, birds, fish, and vegetation will make you feel inParadise.

The Lower Morass Wetland Ecosystem

by Felipe Daniel Reis

The Lower Morass Wetland is included in the List of Wetlands of International Importance. This land brings together tiny brackish lagoons, extensive freshwater marshes, mangrove snapper, limestone islands, tidal marshes, crabs and lobsters, egrets, herons, ospreys, colorful butterflies and flowers, and everything that can cross your mind. Oh yeah…something that I almost forgot to share with you. Here you will also see the swamplands which are very helpful in case a hurricane hits the island. Usually these absorbs the all the shock provoked by the hurricanes and do not distribute it to the land.

Here you will get the chance to see flamingos still nesting occasionally. As I have heard this is the only place in Jamaica where you can meet the flamingos in their natural environment.

You can also admire the crocodiles. If in the past the numbers of these dangerous predators was huge, nowadays due to the loss of habitat the number decreased.

So this is the story of the Black River – The River. In the next post you will find out more about the Black River town. Enjoy it at maximum.



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