Best beaches in Port Antonio

Probably one of the main reasons why Port Antonio is so appealing to tourists is represented by its beautiful beaches. White fine sand, blue crystal waters, exotic vegetations and lots and lots of possibility of enjoying water sports are the main characteristics of Port Antonio beaches. Whether the beaches are public or part of a private resort, you will definitely find a perfect paradise spot to suit all your relaxation necessities. These two places I am about to mention are among the best beaches in Port Antonio.

Frenchman’s cove

The first on our list of the best beaches in Port Antonio is Frenchman’s Cove. This is the most visited and popular private beaches among tourists. What makes it so appealing? Well, this secluded place, located in the north coast of the island has all you might need for a successful vacation: white and fine sand, azure and clear waters surrounded by lush vegetation, a place where you can truly relax and leave behind all your problems. The admission fee on Frenchman’s Cove is USD 2 per person. Near the beach you can find cottages that can be rented for small prices, so if you want to admire the sunset and spend a night in this unique place, you should take into consideration this option.

Winifred Beach

Located a few miles east of Port Antonio in the community of Fairy Hill, Winifred Beach is one of the most appreciated public beaches being also called “the beach where Jamaicans go to”.  The people who make sure the beach keeps its wild beauty are members of a nongovernmental organization; therefore any help or donation is truly appreciated. The simplicity of the beach makes it so charming and attractive to tourists. You will rediscover the beauty of sunbathing and building sand castles or bathing in the turquoise waters of the ocean. The place is also known by water sports fans as you can practice scuba diving or snorkeling there. You can experience how wonderful it is to ride a horse close to the beach and feel the ocean breeze. Close to the beach you will find a few shops and bars where you can enjoy fruits cocktails during a hot summer day. If you are thinking of driving to the beach you should take into consideration the bad conditions of the rod, therefore it is better to find an alternative mean of transport to get to Winifred Beach.

Long Bay Beach and Boston Beach are other great beaches in Port Antonio where you should consider hanging out during your vacation in Port Antonio. IfBostonBeach is mostly known by surfers,LongBayBeach is loved by experienced swimmers who want to feel a little bit of adrenaline.

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