Being a Jamaican for One Week


Jamaica is a mesmerizing country; you will find a mix of cultures, traditions and people no matter where you are. If you are interested in tasting and feeling the true local spirit then Being a Jamaican for One Week is the best holiday theme that you can choose.

Meet the People

This program was developed by the Jamaica Tourist Board and its aim is to bring the tourists closer to the Jamaicans just to get a pragmatic view of their culture and way of living. You can also bring your children. They will be involved in the same program and will interact with kids of their age and hobbies and who knows, maybe a nice and longtime friendship will be born. If you want to try out this experience you just have to sign up on the Jamaican Tourist Board website, leave your details and the period of your staying. Everything is for free. In case you are already here, you can still be part of the team. Just ask about the program at your hotel or inn.

To Do List

If you want to discover on your own how the Jamaicans ‘life just try the following

1. Attend a religious ceremony

Jamaica is known all over the world as being the country with the highest number of churches per km, having already being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for this. You will find different architectures and sizes of breathtaking churches. Before attending a religious service, make sure you previously ask what the etiquette of that precise church is.

2. Go to the local market

All over the island on the local markets you will be able to find all the natural products available in the country, healing herbs, spices, homemade soaps, and many other homemade products. You will be surrounded by a variety of interesting aromas.

3. Feel the rhythms

For Jamaicans the art of dancing is a way of relaxation. So, wherever you are accommodated I am pretty sure that will find plenty of parties or clubs around. When going out in a club or bar pay attention to your drink and if you are a woman do not talk too much with only one man. It’s just safer this way.

4. Have dinner with a Jamaican family

If you are a very sociable person and you make some Jamaicans friends, they might invite you to a Sunday dinner. Do not refuse this invitation as the dinner is one of the traditions when they like to have all their friends around. It’s a wonderful experience.

5. Have a veranda talk

Jamaicans love to talk and they love to talk a lot. Usually they are staying on their porch or veranda while having conversation about whatever theme can crosses their minds. Make sure that you are going to defend your opinion in a debate as hey are delighted by debates and contradictions.

6. Play domino, cricket or just ball

Domino, cricket and soccer are the most popular Jamaican games. Try them out.

Follow all these activities and you will feel what it’s like Being a Jamaican for One Week

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