Adventure Travel in Jamaica


If you are an adventurer you must be looking for escapades and adrenaline no matter where your steps are carrying you. Jamaica is one of those amazing places where you can combine and mix a variety of activities in order to relax, have fun, feel good, experience new traditions, meet friendly people and discover unique and brilliant things, all at the same time. Therefore an Adventure Travel in Jamaica will give you the chance to have the time of your life and unique experiences.

Water Lover

Want to feel adrenaline, the wind in your veils, the water splashing your face? If so, windsurfing, scuba diving, kite surfing, or rifting is just great for you.

If you want to get initiated in these sports, many possibilities are there for you. The windy season is in wintertime and the morning is just perfect for beginners, while late mornings and afternoons are the best time for those who want to feel some adrenaline.  The courses are available on almost all beaches and the price for the beginners’ course is around USD 50 per 1 day. It can vary however depending on the provider, the period when you are in Jamaica, or on the trainer.

Rafting in Jamaica can be enjoyed at its maximum on the Black River or Rio Grande. Bamboo rafting on Rio Grande offers the most wonderful scenery of a valley full of bamboo and banana groves that will take your breath away.

Other option to have some fun is scuba diving. The fee is approximately USD 45 per tank dive, while the course costs are about USD 75.

Rafting, windsurfing, kite surfing are all about strong sensations and feelings, drops in the water and knockings, while scuba diving is more into enjoying the undersea panorama, swimming with colorful fishes and being surrendered by extraordinary corals and sea animals.

Mountains Lover

The Blue Mountains are the most spectacular mountains in the Caribbean with a length of 28 miles and an average width of around 12 miles. The coffee fields are creating a nice hat over the mountains. Here you can climb or only hick and the possibilities are multiple.

The climbing around these gorgeous mountains offers many crags and most of them are around the cities: Blackheath and Katoomba. If you want to try this adventure you should buy a map with full colorful cliff tops and routes. All year round you can explore this opportunity, but in case you are a sunny person avoid going in December or January.

Other option is the Mystic Mountain Ocho Rios where you can try the bobsled in the forest. This is a unique experience that will fill you with lot of energy and tones of fun.

Adventure Travel in Jamaica is one of the best vacations you can enjoy and make the most of your holiday time.

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