Adventure in Ocho Rios

Jamaicais a country with many surprises. You will be amazed by all the choices that we are offering to our guests. The island was gifted with so many beautiful places. We have amazing falls, Blue Mountains, Caribbean Sea, dolphins, gorgeous sunsets, whatever your soul needs for relaxation or adventure.

Diving, swimming with dolphins, climbing a fall, flying like birds with the zip line, ATV tours are just few options for a great Adventure in Ocho Rios.

Up in the Air

The Zip Line Adventure begins at 2,000 feet up on the hills. You will get all the needed training by well trained staff in order to have a safety experience and to enjoy at maximum the adrenaline which will be running through your body once you are up in the air.

You will pass by zip line a lush tropical valley. The scenery cannot by described by words. The next zip line is more about adrenaline than the first one as no stairs are available for reaching the point from where to start the adventure.  And a swing will wait for you in a breathtaking Garden.

The whole escapade will end with an off-road experience on ATVs.

If in your adventure group you have only 4 persons then the prices for the zip line and ATV journey are about USD 95 per person or USD 90 if you are up to 9; and of course that the children are getting a discount by only paying USD 62. The tour is available each day a week except Sundays and it takes about 5 hours. This information is just to make you an idea about how to get prepared for this great escapade in the nature.

Water Adventures

 The river tubing adventure on theWhite Riveris an experience of about 45 minutes through the waves of the river feeling the water splashing on your face and enjoying the incredible landscape. This exciting activity is not only for youngsters. Actually the whole family can take advantage of this opportunity and spend some fun time together.

In Ochi, as the locals named the city, you have the possibility to dive all year round without any restrictions. You can explore the underwater life: colorful fishes, dramatic seascapes    through snorkeling, shallow, and deep dives. Many diving centers and also dive sites are available in Ocho Rios which can make your dream come true. The diversity of diving places in Ocho Rios is amazing and is waiting to be explored.

And this is not all. Adventure in Ocho Rios is a great theme vacation for the entire family: teenagers, parents, grandparents, children, pets and so on. But keep in mind my advice: before starting an adventure make sure you ask the locals about all the dangerous you might get into. This tip will keep you safety.


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