A short guide tour to Port Antonio

We continue our journey in Jamaica and head 100 kilometers from Kingston, towards the capital of the parish of Portland and arrive in Port Antonio, one of the most important touristic point of the area. Starting with a few key moments regarding the history of this city and continuing with the attractions sites, a short guide tour to Port Antonio is merely trying to stir your interest towards this friendly place, ideal for spending an unforgettable holiday.

Hollywood history

The history of Port Antonio and its future development is closely related to banana trade in Jamaicain the 19th century. This was practically the key moment that placed Port Antonio on the map of economical investors and tourists. The fascinating history and surroundings of Port Antonio easily became an appealing subject to Hollywood directors, this part of Jamaica being the main filming spot for movies like Cocktail (starring Tom Cruise) and Club Paradise. The stories about the famousHollywood actors Sharon Stone, Bette Davis, Broke Shields or Denzel Washington who described Port Antonio as a dream holiday, also attracted over the year many tourists.

Getting to Port Antonio

Before you start making any plans for arriving in the “Most beautiful port on Earth” (as Port Antonio was described by the Ella Wheeler Wilcox) you should first take into consideration your transportation option. There are two main routes towards this city, one starting from the airport of Kingstone and driving for two and a half hours till reaching Port Antonio. The other one starts at Montego Bay and implies 4-5 hours driving to Port Antonio.  You can also chose to go to Port Antonio by bus but make sure you get all the necessary information on their schedules.

Why come to Port Antonio?

Probably some of you are asking what is so special about this place that we should fly so many miles. We can easily find great beaches and relaxing places all over the world. What did these Hollywoodstars found so attractive and spectacular about Port Antonio? From the Blue Mountains to the Blue Lagoon, from the best beaches in Caribbean to the reggae atmosphere of the nights, this place is a true exotic paradise, charming tourists every step of the way. Sky is definitely the limit in Port Antonio, as you can choose from various activities of spending quality time: practicing water sports or just sunbathing, exploring the wild nature or just hikingBlueMountain, Port Antonio is a fascinating place.

Some say Port Antonio is the Jamaica’s Heart others that is the most beautiful Port one can visit. Well, you can trust these affirmations or you can embrace an exotic challenge and explore Port Antonio with your friends and family. If you choose to discover the beauty of this spot then I hope A short guide tour to Port Antonio will be of great help to you.

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