A day at the Doctor’s Cave Bathing Club

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Doctor’s Cave Beach Club is without doubt the most famous beach in Jamaica, and one that many travelers who want to mingle with the cream of the crop of Jamaican vacationers want to see. With  a name like this, and considering the fact that the club was been established over a century ago, there is more than a slight aura of eccentricity and exclusivity surrounding it. However, anyone from Jamaica and abroad who doesn’t mind paying the $5 entry fee can enjoy the sandy beach and the supposedly curative waters of the sea. If you love spending time at the beach, you really have to set aside a day at the Doctor’s Cave Bathing Club during your trip.

About the club

photo by mhowry

Doctor’s Cave Bathing Club has a funny history: it was the idea of an eccentric doctor, who in 1880 founded a sanatorium in Montego Bay. The beach of the sanatorium was untouched, sheltered, and could only the reached through a cave, which sadly doesn’t exist anymore. While beach belonged to the doctor, access to the beach was by invitation only; but in 1906, the good doctor donated his beach to the community, and a private beach club was created. Since then, the bathing club has been one of the most famous beaches in the Caribbean, thanks to its beautiful soft sand and very clam, turquoise waters that were said to cure any ailment.

What to do

Doctor’s Cave Bathing Club has the qualities that good beaches should possess, especially when it comes to the water. The sheltered waters are incredibly calm, and very clear, so even the most inexperienced swimmer can practice safely. The facilities of the beach have improved a lot over the decades, and now you can take advantage of the three gift shops, a logo shop and a sundries shop, as well as a cyber cafe. You can rent umbrellas, lilos and beach chairs, and either lounge or have fun in the water.

photo by mhowry on Flickr

Swimming is one of the most popular activities at the beach, but many people choose to explore the wonders under the calm waters. Doctor’s Cave Bathing Club is located within the Montego Bay Marine Park, and scuba divers can discover a large variety of colorful corals and tropical fish in the reefs.

A day at the Doctor’s Cave Bathing Club is great fun whatever you do, but members of the clubs do actually get some perks that are not available to regular visitors. The clubhouse is a scenic, airy building,  with a spacious verandah and various facilities like a spa, pool tables, meeting rooms and a fitness center. If you like the beach so much that you will be returning to it time and time again, it’s not a bad idea to pay the yearly membership fee (around $150) to benefit from all the nice things they offer.


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