5 essential travel experiences in Jamaica

photo by Jeremy Hetzel

Jamaica is one of those destinations where you can never get bored even when you’re doing absolutely nothing. You just have to kick back, relax, listen to Bob Marley and watch as life goes by. But even if your holiday plans in sunny Jamaica include only lounging and sunbathing, there are still some activities that everyone who steps foot on the island should do. Tasting the authentic flavor of the Jamaican way of life is impossible is you don’t try at least a few of the 5 essential travel experiences in Jamaica.¬†

The Bob Marley Experience

Bob Marley lived and worked in Kingston, and there are still countless places and events dedicated to the memory of this world famous musical icon. The Jamaican capital is suffused with positive vibrations, and you don’t even need the background music of a Bob Marley album to see that, but if you do want to pay homage to the singer there are plenty of clubs, a museum, cafes and even monuments dedicated to him.

Visit Plantation Houses

beach in Negril, photo by Abir Anwar

The impressive Georgian manors built on Jamaican plantations are a beautiful-looking heritage of a sad history. In the times when Jamaica lived off sugar plantations, these houses were the homes of rich white plantation owners who often treated their workers badly, but they are an essential part of Jamaican history. Plantation homes like Rose Hall near Montego Bay, or the Greenwood Great House in St James are definitely worth visiting for both their historical and aesthetic value.

Beach-bumming in Negril

If there are any tourists who go to Jamaica without spending some time at the beach, they must be as rare as hen’s teeth. Beach bumming is one of the 5 essential travel experiences in Jamaica, so much that you can hardly avoid it, but the question is where should you do it. The seven miles of pristine beach that you can find in Negril are quite possibly the best place to experience Jamaica’s beach culture, with its inherent laid-back charm. Chilling out in Negril gives a new definition to relaxation!

Attend a reggae concert

Even if you partake in the Bob Marley experience, listening to more up to date reggae music in Jamaica is a must. Reggae is the national music of Jamaica and you will probably hear it everywhere around you – on buses and in shops, but nothing can compare to the experience of hearing reggae played live on the stage. It won’t be difficult finding a venue where there’s a concert, especially in larger touristy cities like Kingston, Negril or Montego Bay.

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