3 things you did not know about Port Antonio

By Ted Hill

We have started our trip to Port Antonio almost one month ago; we have visited the most interesting places in the town and marveled at the nature’s beauty. Though it might seem there is nothing else interesting and amazing to discover, let me tell you at least 3 things you did not know about Port Antonio.

Discover the Maroons

Descendent of African tribes and brought to the island of Jamaica by the Spanish conquistadors, the Moors are more than an ethnic group, they represent a truly amazing people due to their way of life and cultural heritage. There are many stories about the Maroons, most of them speaking about this tribe’s magical and healing powers. What we know for sure is that the name comes from the Spanish word cimarrones, meaning in Spanish the wild ones. Conserving the ancient traditions and strictly respecting the laws of their ancestors, the Moors are without any doubt a tribe that should be visited during your stay in Port Antonio. The drumming ceremony taking place every Friday night is the main attraction for tourists in Port Antonio.

Capital of bananas

Did you know that Jamaicaand especially the region of Port Antonio was the first country to trade bananas on the international market? It was in 1880 that Port Antonio became a major player on the banana market due to the inspiration of Lorenzo Dow Baker. This was the moment that transformed Port Antonio from an unknown place in the world to an attraction spot forHollywood stars.

Hot spot for Hollywood stars

As I mentioned in some of my previous posts, Port Antonio is an amazing place, very attractive to many famous actors and celebrities, in general. The wild beauty of this place determined many directors to film various multimillion cinema productions in Port Antonio. The Romantic scenes of Cocktail starring Tom Cruise or the ones in Treasure Island were shot in Port Antonio. Errol Flynn enjoyed this paradise so much that he even bought an island close to it called Navy Island. A proof of the fact that Port Antonio remains in the top of the most important locations for shooting a film is the recent movie Day and Knight starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Part of the scenes were shot here, in Port Antonio and I sure this movie will not be the last one.

3 things you did not know about Port Antonio presents in fact 3 important and interesting reasons for discovering the natural beauty of Jamaica. Make sure you do not miss it!

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